CNC Cutting

CNC Router

The CNC Router can cut a range of materials form MDF; Plywood; Plastic & Alumuium to your specifications.

Files can be supplied by you or we can design & create the files for you to acheive maxium productivity with minimum waste.

  • CNC Router
  • Maximum Cutting size:
  • Machine: 2440x 1220mm.

CNC Sample Table/Plotter

The Plotter is generally used for the sampling of incoming files & in the design of new jobs. It is ideal for short production runs, that the cost of a forme is prohibitive.

The Sample Table/Plotter can handle a wide variety of materials from papers to corrugated board, plastics, rubber & basically anything that can be cut with a Stanley knife & held down by the vacuum table.

  • CNC Plotter
  • Suitable & Cost effective for small runs.
  • Maximum Cutting Size: